The Best Coastal Towns To Enjoy A Villa Holiday In The South Of France

Are you searching to find the best coastal towns that offer perfect villa holidays in the South of France? You can find many beautiful towns that are home to several amazing attractions and adventurous activities. There are numerous small settlements, villages and towns in the South of France that need to be explored to experience unparalleled joy and fulfilment as a traveller. The eternally alluring charm of the South of France inspires a lot of people to choose this area as their villa holiday destination. Some of the most popular and attractive cities on this Mediterranean coast are Marseille, Toulon, Nice, Montpellier, Cannes, St Tropez and Frejus.

Marseille Villas

If you are planning villa holidays in the South of France, you can certainly choose Marseille. This pretty coastal city is the second-largest in France in terms of population. You can come across a harmonious blend of historic neighbourhoods. The historic port is a major attraction in this city. As you walk around the port, you can find the popular Museum of European and Mediterranean Civilisations. Another historic attraction in this area is known as Fort Saint-Jean.

Top-quality Marseille villas for rent offer you the most luxurious and enjoyable accommodation facilities. Offering the best amenities and services with a clear focus on customer satisfaction, the best properties in Marseille make your vacation thoroughly relaxing and comfortable. The serene and safe environment makes you feel at home.

Marseille is home to many pretty sandy beaches, including Prado beaches, Prophet’s Beach, Catalans Beach, Pomègues Island Beaches and much more. You can get engaged in watersports activities on the beaches to fulfil your adventure needs.

Other popular attractions in this coastal city include the Basilica of Notre-Dame de la Garde, Saint-Victor Abbey, Old Town, Calanques National Park, Chateau d’If, Old Charity and more. With a perfect combination of incredible attractions, exciting activities and high-quality accommodation options, Marseille makes your villa holidays in the South of France truly exciting and enjoyable.

Toulon Luxury Holiday Rentals

Toulon is a well-known port city with plenty of attractions for tourists. The steep Faron Mountain slopes around the port make it incredibly appealing. Situated alongside a marine and naval base, the downtown area is home to several warships and submarines. The Bay of Toulon offers berthing for a myriad of watercraft, including large cruise ships, stylish yachts and even small fishing boats.

The beaches in Toulon offer a perfect setting to help you relax and unwind. You can also enjoy swimming, diving and snorkelling on the beautiful beaches in this port city. The coves of Mejean and Magaud provide an engrossing experience for visitors. You can even plan a trip to the Island of Porquerolles by taking a ferry from the Toulon port. There are renowned and luxurious Toulon villas for rent where you can experience the ultimate form of relaxation and comfort.

Other popular attractions in this coastal town are Old Town, Mont Faron, Allied Landings Museum, Toulon Opera House, Naval Museum, Traditional Provencal Markets, Cathedral of Sainte-Marie-de-la-Seds, Classical Music Festival, Le Lavandou, Bormes-Les-Mimosas and much more.

Nice Villas For Rent

Words often seem to fail whilst describing the irresistible charm of Nice. This picturesque city is incredibly appealing with its magnificent seaside scenery, tranquil blue waters, amazing museums, impressive city landmarks and sunny weather. Strolling along the iconic Promenade known as Angel’s Bay makes you feel relaxed and rejuvenated.

You can find many attractive Nice villas for rent where luxurious facilities and responsible services are provided to make your staying experience truly comfortable. If you are planning for villa holidays in the South of France, you can choose one of these holiday Nice villas to keep your body and mind fully relaxed after a busy day. There are also numerous cafes and restaurants in this city that offer a captivating dining experience with stunningly delicious food and inspiring ambiance.

There are many interesting and appealing attractions and things to do in Nice. Some of the popular choices include Old Town, Castle Hill Park, Matisse Museum, Monastery of Notre-Dame-de-Cimiez, Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, Albert I Garden, Marc Chagall National Museum, Russian Orthodox Cathedral of Saint Nicholas and Garibaldi Square.

Nice is twinned with Phuket in Thailand and if you have the desire to venture a little further you will find some magnificent Phuket villa rental properties amongst the many beautiful Thailand villas for rent on offer from Thailand Rentals.

Frejus Holiday Villas

Your villa holidays in the South of France can be made a rewarding and fulfilling experience with a well-thought-out Frejus vacation plan. This city is a perfect choice if you love sandy beaches, relaxation and adventure activities. It offers unparalleled summer fun with a wide range of attractions and exciting things to do. There are also museums and monuments of historical relevance, dating back to the 17th century. This coastal city offers four beaches along the Mediterranean Sea that provide sun, fun and entertainment in abundance.

Don’t worry about your stay when you are in Frejus. There are many wonderful Frejus villas for rent that offer a perfect blend of superior accommodation, excellent services and uncompromising safety. The best properties offer facilities like free internet, free parking, a private kitchen, a balcony with a scenic view, a garden, air-conditioned bedrooms, a spacious living room, A flat-screen TV with satellite channels, BBQ and 24-hour staff.

Frejus is a charming coastal city that you should never miss out on when you visit the South of France. The most popular attractions include Episcopal City, Cloister, Baptistery, Mont Vinaigre, Archaeological Museum, Frejus Aquaduct, Chapel of Our Lady of Jerusalem, Marine Troops Museum, Amphitheatre, Malpasset Dam, Aqualand, and Hong Hien Tu Pagoda. You can explore many more compelling and attractive things in this beautiful city.

Cannes Villa Rentals

Cannes is one of the best coastal cities to enjoy a villa holiday in the south of France. The moderate Mediterranean climate attracts many visitors to this city. Apart from the sunny weather, Cannes boasts the famous annual Film Festival known as Cannes Film Festival. Fans of modern and classic art can certainly plan a trip down the Riviera to attend the amazing art exhibitions.

It is a well-known fact that Cannes glitters with glamour and uniqueness. The beaches and marinas are filled with luxurious restaurants, beautiful yachts and modern boulevards. The magical charm of this coastal city is irresistible. Leafy palm trees lend a dignified look to the streets of Cannes. The ever-flourishing subtropical flowers all around create the impression of being in paradise.

It is hard to choose a better place than Cannes for villa holidays in the South of France. You can have a dream vacation with unrivalled fun, entertainment, enjoyment and relaxation. There are many different types of Cannes villas for rent where the best accommodation facilities are provided to make you feel at home. You can enjoy a tranquil ambiance that helps you revitalize your body and mind perfectly.

Strolling along the Croisette takes you into an imaginary world. If you want to enjoy some stunning views and enjoy the old world charm, you can wander through the Old Town. Other popular attractions and activities in Cannes include the Palace of Festivals and Congresses, Church of Our Lady of Hope, Castre Museum, Old Port, California District, Bellini Chapel, La Malmaison Art Centre, Fireworks Festival and much more.

St Tropez Villas

If you want to have your next vacation in a stylish and upscale town with an impeccable charm, look no further than St Tropez. The designer boutiques, exclusive clubs and luxury yachts give this coastal city an urban charm. In fact; it is the ultimate destination to experience the glamour and beauty of the French Riviera. You can even spend time dancing with celebrities in one of the expensive clubs.

St Tropez is also an ideal destination for people who are looking for a serene getaway. You can find elegant sandy beaches in this coastal city. It is also home to an enchanting historic village. If you visit this pretty village, you can experience the old world rustic charm with narrow cobblestone streets, shady squares and pastel-coloured houses. The seaside scenery enhances the overall appeal with its picture-perfect Mediterranean countryside and enthralling deep-blue waters.

Many people choose St Tropez for their villa holidays in the South of France. This mesmerising coastal city is home to a multitude of top-quality villas that provide the most luxurious accommodation facilities along with the best services. With the tranquil ambiance that resembles your home, St Tropez villas for rent let you stay relaxed and comfortable forever. Some of the most famous attractions in St Tropez include La Ponche: The Old Town, Old Port, Annonciade Museum, Citadel Maritime History Museum, Butterfly Museum and much more.

If you are looking for the perfect villa holidays in the South of France, you can certainly choose one of these coastal cities. These destinations offer you a multitude of attractions, activities, and accommodation facilities to choose from. When it comes to choosing one of the best villas in these cities or any other parts in the south of France, you can rely on French Villas Rentals. As a reliable and reputed property listing website, we offer you honest, accurate and detailed information on a wide range of villas provided by property owners. Many reputed property owners list their villas on our site to find rental customers. When you rely on French Villas Rentals, you can make an informed decision fast to make your stay optimally safe, comfortable, enjoyable and relaxing.