Wine Tasting Villa Holidays in France

Wine Tasting Villa Holidays In France

What makes wine tasting villa holidays in France immensely popular among people all around the world? Highly renowned for producing quality wines, France offers an unforgettable wine tasting experience. You can come across a myriad of light-bodied, cool-climate wines in this beautiful country. Wine tasting in France is something that you must not miss out on when you are on a vacation. Let us explore the most popular regions you can visit to enjoy a wine tasting villa holiday in France.

Broadly speaking, the French wine regions can be classified into northern vineyards and southern vineyards. The former region is highly renowned for white wines and the latter is popular for red wines. The most prominent wine areas in France are Provence, Languedoc, Bordeaux, Burgundy, Corsica and Champagne.

Provence Wine Tasting Holidays

Located in southeastern France on the Mediterranean coast, Provence is a popular tourist destination in France. If you want to have an immersion into the world of wine, you can certainly consider this region. It offers one of the best wine tasting villa holidays in France. With a history that dates back to more than 2,600 years, Provence makes the oldest destination on the French wine regions map. If you are planning for a villa holiday in France with an enjoyable wine tasting experience, Provence is an ideal destination.

The most authentic and emblematic vineyards of Provence make your wine tasting tour an unforgettable experience. Offering a delightful experience for your senses and taste buds, the best wines take you to a new level of excitement and fulfilment. You can find almost all types of wines, including intoxicating full-bodied reds, mild, aromatic exquisite whites and vigorous and fruity roses in Provence. Interacting with the passionate winemakers and visiting the wonderful cellars help you learn a lot about the wine making process.

Languedoc-Roussillon Wine Tasting Holidays

Are you planning for France villa holidays with your family members and friends? Languedoc is undoubtedly one of the best destinations available. Located in Southern France, Languedoc-Roussillon often known as Languedoc is a historical coastal region with a myriad of tourist attractions. This region produces around one-third of the total wine output in France. You can taste some of the best organic wines when you visit this region. If you are interested in wine tasting in France, look no further than this coastal region.

There are countless possibilities for exciting wine tasting tours in Languedoc. Many people choose this region when they plan a wine tasting villa holiday in France. With a perfect mix of beautiful villas and amazing vineyards, Languedoc-Roussillon makes your vacation highly enjoyable and fulfilling. You can interact with many quality-conscious winegrowers and producers who offer world-class wines at affordable prices.

Bordeaux Wine Tasting Villa Holidays

Your France villa holidays can be made incredibly entertaining with a trip to one of the most famous Bordeaux vineyards. Located on the Garonne River in southwestern France, the rolling hillsides around this coastal city are lined with many beautiful vineyards. Highly renowned for superior quality red wines produced from the world-famous chateaux in the Medoc sub-region, Pomerol and Saint-Emilion, Bordeaux leaves a lasting impression on wine lovers.

When it comes to planning wine tasting villa holidays in France, you should add the best Bordeaux vineyards to your tour itinerary. Well-planned Bordeaux wine tasting tours focus on offering you a perfect taste of French wine, food, history, cultural heritage and landscape. You can wander through lush vineyards and taste some of the highest quality red wines. Undoubtedly, Bordeaux is one of the most appealing France Villa Holidays destinations available if you are interested in wine tasting in France.

Burgundy Wine Tasting Holidays

Located in east-central France, Burgundy is a historic region with an illustrious cultural heritage. Often known as the land of waterways, vineyards and rolling hills, this beautiful region creates a captivating impression on visitors. If you are searching for the best wine tasting holidays in France, you don’t need to think twice before choosing Burgundy. This region is home to many small-scale vineyards and family wine-making traditions.

You can come across several luxury French villa rentals in Burgundy where top-quality accommodation facilities and services are provided. It is a dream destination for people who are interested in wine and wine culture. You can taste the finest quality wines made using Chardonnay and Pinot Noir in areas like Beaune Coast and Chablis. So, don’t leave out Burgundy if you are planning for wine tasting villa holidays in France.

Corsica Wine Tasting Holidays

Corsica is a picturesque Mediterranean island with mountainous terrain and rocky coastline. If you are interested in wine tasting villa holidays in France, it makes a perfect choice. With impressive luxury French villa rentals and exciting vineyards, this island surpasses your expectations. In this region, you can come across more than 40 different grape varieties from French, Italian and Spanish origins.

The soil on this island is best suited for red wine grape varieties like Nielluccio and Sciacarello and white wine grape variety known as Vermentino. When you go for wine tasting tours, experienced and passionate Corsican wine-growers offer you a delightful wine tasting experience. You can also enjoy an authentic Corsican meal with them. The bottom line is that Corsica offers you an unforgettable wine tasting villa holiday in France.

Champagne Wine Tasting Villa Holidays

Located in the northeast of France, Champagne is a highly popular wine region in France. Wine tasting in France would not be complete without visiting the vineyards in Champagne. You can taste the most prestigious wines when you visit this area. It is hard to find a better choice if you are planning for wine tasting villa holidays in France.

With stunningly beautiful vineyards, inspiring hillsides, lovely houses and impressive wine cellars, Champagne creates a dream destination for wine lovers. The Champagne wine tasting experience takes the excitement of your France villa holidays to the next level. You can come across tour packages that suit all tastes and budgets. If you want to explore the best wine regions while on a villa holiday in France, you must visit Champagne.

Other popular wine regions in France include the Loire Valley and Alsace. Both these areas also offer exciting wine tasting experiences for visitors. If you want to enjoy a perfect wine tasting villa holiday in France, you can choose one of these regions to make your trip incredibly enjoyable and rewarding.